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In the dark and distant past (well around 1984) I recall being roused from my slumber by my middle brother Chris (who, if you live in the Brighton Area of the UK, has probably driven your bus) hurried down stairs, fed a mighty breakfast (Ricicles, toast and tea probably), pushed into my hat and coat and rushed into town.

There I was told we had to wait in a queue, which at the time (9am) was just a few people long round the side of the of the Odeon cinema on London Road in Liverpool. Curiousity was mixed with excitement, anticipation and tiredness and was rewarded by the brother passing on the “knowledge”

The youngstegzy: Prey tell oh wise brother. Prey tell why are we here?
stegzybrother: We are here for today is a momentous day in history. We are here so that some time in the future thou will relate the experiences that await within this hallowed building with others. Others that mayhap be younger than thou.

By 10:30 the queue was round the side of the Odeon, past Ma Egertons Pub and back up towards the hotels and Clarence Street (a good distance). A peek through the window of the cinema lobby and the incessant chatter of the other queuee’s leaked snippets of tentative information:

I hear Bill Murray gets killed

Ah but I’ve heard he doesn’t and that woman out of Alien becomes his girlfriend

Harold Ramis and Dan Ackroyd are my favorite actors

80p?! For popcorn? Thats extortion!

Have you seen the trailer for Back to the Future yet?

It became clear that I was indeed queuing for the first showing of Ghostbusters. It would be later that I would not forgive my brother for getting me up so early on a school holiday to stand for 3 hours in the freezing cold just so we could sit in “good” seats by putting his favorite slippers in with the dirty dishes in the sink.

Ok maybe I dressed that up a bit. But it was a bit similar to my experience. Stood outside. Hours before the doors opened. So that we had some guarentee of a decent seat and a ticket to see what later became a blockbuster movie. These were the days before credit/debit cards were widely used to book cinemas in advance and on reflection, even after the 3rd viewing of the film that year it still didn’t lose any of its appeal. Even so, being one of the first people into the cinema to see the film didn’t make the enjoyment any more or less.

Spin forward 15 years or so. People are going mad about Star Wars III. Queueing…..SEVEN WEEKS EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is just obsessive. IMHO.

When it comes out over here I’ll go see it….but I’ll just wait a couple of days so I dont have to sit next to people dressed up as Stormtroopers grumbling about continuity errors and minute details like George Lucas dropped 2 crumbs from his toast that morning. Put up with screaming kids that dont really understand the deeper concepts of StarWars and would prefer to play at “Annoy the rest of the theatre by jumping on the seats”. Suffer People coming in late (the film times are advertised as the start of the trailers. Plenty of time to sit, go for a piss, remember your jumbo hotdog, phone your best mate Alan to tell him about the shag you had with his sister etc before it starts….why do people insist on arriving late for cinemas!!!!!!!). I wouldnt have to worry about the over inflated Star Wars Special edition Popcorn Troughs that you have to have a bankers draught to be able to afford; the weak as piss fizzy syrup water they call pop.

The same goes for DVD’s. I would mock my pals for buying LOTR:FOTR then waiting a year to buy LOTR:TTT then another year to buy LOTR:ROTK. How I laughed as they parted with their hard earned cash yet if they waited a further year all they would have to do would be to buy the box set. For a fraction of the price complete with deleted scenes and bits they kept hold of for release on DVD like… I plan to do…They shall covet its luxurious bonus disc muhhhahahahaa….>Suckers<

Of course there is also the chance that the TV will show the film (which in the UK sometimes means that the price of the DVD in the shop will drop dramatically). In times past I would video these films and as a result now have a book case laden with VHS videos. Which is not good.

Swinging round to the tangent I’m aiming for, last night I watched Die Hard 2. Well I attempted to watch it. I think of myself as a hard core film fan (though not a obsessive film fan). I prefer to start a film. Watch it all from beginning to end with as little interuption as possible. It was on ITV. They started it at 2200hrs. Then stopped it….


Then continued it.

It was also cut to fuck, interupted every 10 minutes with adverts and badly edited for station breaks.

bah!!!!! Is it any wonder I dont watch telly anymore?

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