Tonight is the first of several Christmas Parties that I am attending this year. Traditionally, when in a new job I’ll go to the first one then not bother with future ones. I’m not a big fan of office dos really. I find them a bit bland to the palate. Especially if it is in a hotel or somewhere that is doing a “Special Christmas offer” which normally amounts to a few slices of dry turkey and under done spuds smothered in cold salty gravy. I feel like I’m on a conveyor.

CSD had two annual Christmas events. The first was a two hour lunch where we would dine and wine in the palatial Staff House in Abercrombie Square. The second, a torrid affair at either a dodgy local hotel or at Carnatic Halls which would often involve discos, drunken secretaries and some sordid union of an unlikely couple (eg the spotty one from estates and the fit one from HR, you know the kind of thing). However, with this years being mid week things, I’ll not be able to attend thank fuck sadly.

So to make up for the dearth in Christmas mealage this year I am attending at least three (not counting the London trip) festive nights out. The first, as said previously, is tonight. Clair’s work, Fundamental (cos theyre a bit fun and totally mental) where I volunteer on a Thursday night, is “treating” the staff and volunteers to a meal at Burntwood Court Hotel. You remember the Burntwood Court don’t you surely? It was that swanky place that had an average menu. . Anyway we’re off there tonight.

The second is on Monday at Millford Lodge Hotel in Leeds (sounds like a seedy motel if you ask me) with the college. The third, as yet, undecided.

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