Saturday & Sunday

We left the urban sprawl that isn’t Barnsley and headed south along the A1. There we continued our journey sunwards to the delightful city of Peterborough and our meeting with Sarah (Becky’s sister with whom we go camping with sometimes). Sarah and Steve have a lovely Victorian terrace in the outskirts of Peterborough and a delightful garden. We had a lovely lunch of fishfingers and beans, some tea and conversation.

Next stop was London , so back along the A1 diverting along the M25 and A13 because the A12 was closed due to an accident. We arrived in London’s Docklands shortly before 6 and were welcomed by Tim and Chris. There upon we started our annual decent into revelry with a delicious gin & tonic made with Tanqueray gin. The second gin & tonic was made as a treat with Tanqueray 10 which was even yummier. To make things even more extravagant we took part in a taste test of both Tanqueray gins, a Bombay Sapphire and a Gordons (just as a control). The winner out right was the Tanqueray 10 though….

We then washed the gins down with champagne and sat at the table for our annual feast with Ben, Tim’s other house guest. The starter was a prawn and calamari salad and was followed by a Roast pork dinner with a honey and mustard sauce main course. Finest red wine was imbibed and our dessert consisted of home made Heswall Apple pie with sultanas and Madagascan Vanilla custard. After dinner teas and maderia were served and we watched a DVD of our 2004 carol service before collapsing into respective beds at 1am. For some reason mine kept spinning……

Sunday morning was a dash to Greenwich market before it got impossibly busy. We took the leisurely stroll through Island Gardens, through the foot tunnel and up by the Cutty Sark (in a terrible state of refurbishment). We had hoped to buy some christmas presents but by the time the wife took her second pass, the market was so over crowded that people started linking arms and doing the cancan. After a special lunch in my favourite café chain, Café Rouge, we parted company. The wife returning to the shopping hell and I over Greenwich hill to Blackheath for the 14:30 rehersal.

The service was good. I got loads of compliments (and a blessing from a nun o_0) for my Good King Wenceslas bit. Mince pies and warmed wine was followed by a brief walk through Blackheath to Chapter Two.

The meal I enjoyed included:- Braised Ox tongue on a celeriac thingie followed by black feather turkey with roast potatoes, chipolata sausage and stuffing and a baked vanilla yoghurt with a lemonade granite. More wine (of course) and tea. Our journey back to Island Gardens meant catching the bus to Lewisham and the DLR to Island Gardens (the train driver was an unpleasant oaf (Note to self- prams) ) and went to bed.

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