Our visit from Nick & Sarah was most enjoying. We headed out to Wintersett and the Anglers Retreat Public House which appears in the Good Beer Guide. A pleasant enough place filled with yokel types but only serving 3 very well kept cask ales (Tetley, John Smiths and Samuel Smiths). They don’t do food though which is a shame as it would probably do really well. It was the kind of pub you half expected the local poacher to enter at any moment laden with pheasants and trout. However the lack of pub grub forced us out to New Miller Dam where we had a fine feast (me opting for the all day breakfast, it being one of the only dishes that didn’t have potato) and had a casual stroll round the dam.

In the evening, the wife and I headed out to Lindseys for a take away from Aagrah and home again for an earlyish night. Sundays activities involved trying to fix the hinge on the garage door (the old one had rusted and snapped) without nipping out to B&Q for a hinge only to give that up as a lost cause and nipping out to B&Q.

At B&Q I got:-

  • Expanding foam in a can
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • 2 x T Hinges
  • Tape measure
  • A cheese burger with onion
  • Lost trying to get back to Brierley from Stairfoot Roundabout.

The nice chemical burns on my fingers from the expanding foam make it look like I haven’t washed my hands in weeks.

15 days and no potato. Jerusalem Artichokes are a suitable replacement though….:-D

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