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Regular readers….blah….recall 2 previous CD compilations….chuff….no more access to print CDs or booklets…muffle…do it via download….cough…blah….bribery…

Cast your mind back to the spring of 1991. At least one of you was just a twinkle in daddy’s eye and others only just developing a musical consciousness. Some of you were already carving out an existence in life and being all adult and that. Me? I was in the sixth form of Saint Francis Xaviers College for boys in Liverpool. Not only was I discovering music other than what my elder brothers had subjected me to, but I was also discovering the wonders of classical music and the psychedelic 60’s. I was also experimenting with Class B drugs most notably cannabis. This I did with Mike Reagan and Ray Pulling (you may remember Ray from the “How I met the wife posts”) on various occasions. Mostly to try and fit in but also because it was what people did. Not that it was right or owt. I probably have some really bad mental issues I can attribute to cannabis abuse. Not that I abused it mind…the odd spliff every couple of months or so…nothing major (some boys I knew smoked it daily. I never got that bad).

Anyway, at the time of this voyage of self discovery there was a new scene of music coming off the back of the Madchester Manchester music scene, the success of the La’s and expectancy that Liverpool would yet again produce a band as phenomenal as the Beatles. It didn’t (unless you count Andy “OMD” McClusky’s failed Genie Queen of the early noughties). However it did see a wealth of emerging new talent performing at the smokey bars and clubs of Liverpool city centre. I used to frequent the Flying Picket (now luxury housing) where I saw a good many decent talented lads who were full of promise but just let their ego’s get them carried away. But such is life as a rock musician.

One such band was The Stairs, a beat quartet from some rough arse place with distinctive lyrics and a large following. They churned out a couple of EP’s and an album, were tipped to be the next best thing to the Rolling Stones and possibly the messiah that Liverpool had been hoping for. They had stiff competition from the likes of The Prescotts, Hey Marsha, Pyramid Dream and Jean Pierre O’Malley & the Geiger Muller Tubes before pissing off marketing and record executives with daft demands and even dafter arguements. Often turning up at the studio pissed or stoned. They were dropped like hot stones.

Sad really because they were quite good.

Their first EP was a CD single called Weed Bus containing 4 rather catchy tunes. The title track being both mine and Mike Reagan’s favourite.

It is here for you to download and I strongly recommend that you do!

Weed Bus by The Stairs (2.12Mb)

Anyway, it was written by lead singer Edgar something or other when he was at school and details the enjoyment of cannabis on Merseyside Passenger and Transport Executive buses. Even more poignant was the fact that the bus mentioned in the song, (It’s the 147 and ye know yer in heaven) went close to where I lived and also near to where Mike and Ray lived. Ray and I would often get the 147, get our skins together, smoke pot on the top deck, get off at Belle Vale shopping centre and get pasties from Sayers to quell our munchies. It was then we were in heaven. We never got the 172. But I saw it once and nearly cried.