Friday evening was a relaxed affair. Apart from accosting a local scally for being a cheeky little fucker that deserves his head mashing into a strange red and pink pulp then having said pulp forced into their rectum, the evening was quiet. Enjoying the absence of Mrs Gnomepants I watched Die Hard 2 on ITV2 and then played GTA:SA until 3am.

Saturday morning. I was awoken with a start by a strange man in a blue uniform ringing my door bell. Imagine my shock and surprise when the man revealed himself to be a postal worker! (In case you didn’t know the post office have been on strike in the UK recently) Before I was able to beat him to a pulp with a rolling pin he handed me a parcel for Mrs Gnomepants who was celebrating her birthday. Mrs G was in Belfast though, and it would be a goodly while before she was back at home.

So I then set about creating cakes. I baked a chocolate cake, a ginger cake and a Banofee PIE! It later transpired that other people were bringing sweet dishes too. Mrs Gnomepants’ mother brought a chocolate trifle and Jill the wife’s-former-bosses-former-former-wife brought a pavlova. 🙂 But that was yet to occur. For my kitchen resembled something like Ready Steady Cook as I had to rush out to pick up Emma-formerly-Emma-in-Brighton-Now-Emma-in-Birmingham from Barnsley-Interchange-formerly-Barnsley-Station.

The evening progressed, cake and sausage were eaten, beer was drunk and jimrock arrived. Whereupon we headed out to The Three Horseshoes for more drink before heading home and to bed like good thirty-somethings.

After a Sunday breakfast of bacon, sausage, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes & beans and a parting of the ways , Mrs Gnomepants took Emma on a tour of the Sculpture Park while I stayed at home and played GTA:SA tidied up the mess.

ION – The back room is now 98% complete. I have pictures. I haven’t uploaded them yet.
– I have some uni work that needs doing.
– I have a cup of tea.

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