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An uneventful weekend, partly down to the amount of work I have to do.

Friday I spent the day in Huddersfield checking out the University campus and the library. As you would expect, it is very modern looking. It felt really weird actually using a library to do study rather than sit behind a desk and change passwords for students. I could get used to it. However, even though I was able to track down 3 of the books (and I found a further 4) that would aid me in my current task, I had to return to Barnsley for a brief while as there were a few books there that I could use. So I did something I haven’t done in a long long while. I borrowed books! From the Library! Wow! I feel so…..”Studenty”

Friday it was also revealed that Mrs Gnomepants would be joining Huddersfield Uni too (Huddersfield Uni is the awarding body for University Centre Barnsley). She is doing some free course in something I can’t even imagine to comprehend. She started today.

Saturday was just as weird as Sunday. A wife free weekend (she was out partying in Birmingham) involving hours of study. I don’t know what it is lately but I’ve been experiencing time loss. Yesterday I noted that it was in fact 11:50am (when I thought it was actually about 2pm) but the next time I checked the same clock it was getting on for 4pm. Now I’d understand if I was enchanted by work or some task or other but all I did was move some speakers and type up about 100 words for an essay I’m doing. Yet there we go….nearly 4 hours had passed. It felt like minutes.

Tomorrow, as with every Tuesday, I have a full day in Uni. Before that though I have to have my annual flu jab which always makes me feel queezy. So no doubt come tomorrow afternoon I’ll be hot and headachey and wanting to go home.

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