Local News – Famous Nobody switches on some fairy lights

It was the switching on of the christmas lights in Barnsley last night. I didn’t go, I wasn’t told about it until about an hour before hand. I also didn’t go because it wasn’t me that was asked to switch on the lights, which of course, I am deeply bitter about. Still. Who wants fame eh? Frightfully awful people with bad cocaine habits and questionable taste in sexual activities probably.

Anyway, I didn’t go, but somebody posted the event on that delightful centre of uploadyness Youtube for all to see. So last night, as I said, the lights were switched on. Don’t get me wrong here, we’re not talking Lazers and animated displays a la Blackpool or Las Vegas. No you’re looking at maybe something slightly more expensive than a box of Woolworths fairy lights and some tinsel. So who better to switch on some gaudy illuminations than a faded “star”. After all you don’t want your “celebrity” to out shine your Christmas lights eh?

So if you’ve heard of Sam Nixon, then you’ll probably go “oooooh sam nixon I reet fancy him” or “Fucking hell, Sam Nixon? Is he unemployed now then?”. E-list celebrities. Gotta love them. Anyway, Sam Nixon, who ever he is, switched on the Christmas lights. Oh apparently Mr Nixon is no relation to Richard Nixon but is actually some nobody that was in a talentless competition…see for yourself here)

Author: stegzy

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