– Topic 2: I Don’t Care About Apathy: What I “Should” Care About – But Don


In order to be at one with the Static Cosmos, one must achieve a state of supreme stillness.
This state is known as Apathy.
The word APATHY derives from the Atlantean. A-PATH-Y.
A meaning A. PATH meaning PATH. And Y being an abbreviation of WHY.
Quite literally A PATH TO THE MEANING WHY.

Hugo Rune, The Book of Ultimate Truths

If Apathy was an Olympic event, I’d win gold. I tend to swagger through my life procrastinating, doing the minimum and somehow coming out the other side feeling contented with my doings. However, I am aware that apathy is as dangerous as say, heroin, marmite or even ignorance. I’m sure I’m not alone in my apatheticness.

There are things though I am not apathetic about. The yings of:-

  • I am aware of the dangers of giving supermarkets too much custom so I make an effort to shop in local independent stores.
  • I know that if I put off paying bills or dealing with important letters I can get myself into a lot of trouble
  • Being apathetic about relation/friendships can only lead to detriment.

But on the yang:-

  • I know I could make a difference in local politics by running for councillor but I don’t
  • I know I could probably do really well in my course work, but apathy is strong in me so I don’t
  • Wider afield, I know I could write letters of objection, make a nuisance of myself and generally try to tip the balance in my favour – but I don’t.

Mostly down to apathy.

I think though, the older we get, the more we realise that our little gnat like actions have little sway over the giant behemoths of government and society the quicker our passions wane and we become either insular or passionate about our beliefs. A false assumption? Maybe. I don’t know. I’m sure there are people out there who have been so passionate about a subject dear to them that their eyes bleed with enthusiasm. The majority I believe opt for the easier “put up/Shut up”.

One example. Once I was apathetic about voting. I’d look at the candidates and think “Why should I vote for these people? They don’t come to me or tell me why I should vote for them” and I’d not vote. Of course, then I’d moan that somebody would get in that shouldn’t have. I’d cry about the state of the the area, I’d bemoan the fact that the people in power don’t do what they should. But at the last local election that I voted in in Liverpool, there were only two candidates running. One a dodgy shifty ex-millitant bloke and an extremist running for the BNP. I realised then, that political apathy had brought about an empass. Did I vote for an racist nationalist political belief or did I opt for a shifty exdocker who felt that public space was a waste of money and building land? It was a tough one. It was at this point I realised the people in my local area who ordinarily would have made tentative steps into local politics had better things to do…worry about what to wear on Saturday, who was going to win X-Factor and generally suckling on the glass tit. These same people were nowhere to be seen at the polling station. A month or so later they would probably be stood in the pub moaning that the council never do anything for them. However I moved to South Yorkshire shortly after. I didn’t have to worry about the repercussions of having no parkland.

That, as I say, is only one example, illustrative of the dangers of apathy. I may have gone off on a tangent. Sorry.

Anyway, there are issues which I “Should” care about – but I don’t.

I should care about my future career – History shows that I have taken a “it’ll come to me” approach. This is wrong
I should care about how I come across to others – I used to be all mousey and coy, worried that people would judge me for my opinion or the way I dressed. Now I couldn’t give a shit.

I should care about Christmas and how my family like to celebrate it – How I’m going to afford Christmas this year I don’t know. Recently an opinion formed in my mind that the celebrations are an abomination to the environment, the economy and the body. I’m all set to not bother with the festivities this year.

I should care about how smoking and my diet is damaging my life – I’ve had the warnings. I’ve had the heart attack, the health issues and read the literature. I know but I don’t care.

I should care about how little my pension pot is – In 40 years I’ll be retiring. If I was to retire now I’d be forced to move to some bedsit and sit round a candle and eat baked beans. I should care that I’ll probably be poor when I’m a pensioner. Part of me is worried. The other says “You’ll be dead before you’re 70”

Likewise, there are issues that I shouldn’t care about but do.

I care that people are damaging their health by eating parnsips and marmite – Seriously. The damage they do to themselves is irreparable

I care that Heroes and Lost might get cancelled before the end of their run – I really shouldn’t. They’re just programmes. I mean there are far more important things to worry about

I care that I might not be able to park next week when I go to Uni – I should care that my 14 mile daily car journey is doing things to Mother Nature up her back passage. I could get the bus. I should get the bus. I don’t. Instead I worry, selfishly, about where I’m going to park when I should be thinking “The people of the future will probably be living under water because of my car journey”.

I care about the forth coming American Elections – I shouldn’t. I cannot sway or influence the results because I am not an American, I don’t live in America and frankly it shouldn’t be any of my business. But I do. My global self is concerned that we are in danger of entering very dark times and that there are some very dangerous people in politics these days (see above for my reasoning’s)

I care that Tiggy the cat from across the road hasn’t been to see us recently – It’s not even my bloody cat! I’ve got 2 of my own to worry about, why should I care about a third?

See, it’s easy to concern oneself about the banal, the mundane and the unimportant. But concerning oneself about the actual issues that affect us globally, locally or individually; the things, issues and problems that affect us all, it’s easier to just shove them to one side and hope someone else will deal with it. Bury one’s head in the proverbial sand. Care not. A bit like litter. Tossing a wrapper on to the floor. Someone else will deal with it. Yeah they might. But they might just put the landfill site in your back garden too. By that time it’s too late.

But I do care about where my food comes from. I care that the people that produce my food receive fair payment. I care that the clothes I buy should be made by people in proper humane conditions, with a fair income and a smile on their face. I care that the actions of multinational companies are not always in the best interest of the planet. I care that more and more people are becoming faceless zombies, accepting what they are told by the media. I care that the people that control the media, what music I should buy, where I should buy my food, what I should be eating and when have become far too powerful for their own good. I care that the world is heading down shit creek with out any form of propulsion. I care that you, yes you reading this, are doing all you can for the planet, the people that come after us and the future of mankind and seriously considering what changes you need to make to your lifestyle rather than carrying on like some sort of pestilence. I care that by saying that I might have upset some people. I care.

Now, I could go on. But really….I can’t be bothered. Apathy has set in. Therefore….a poll 😀

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