Eurovision 2014

This is the way I would rank this years acts.

1 Ukraine
2 Slovenia
3 Switzerland
4 Poland
5 The Netherlands
6 San Marino
7 Malta
8 Austria
9 Italy
10 Finland
11 UK
12 Russia
13 Belarus
14 Iceland
15 Romania
16 Norway
17 Montenegro
18 Armenia
19 Denmark
20 Hungary
21 Sweden
22 Azerbaijan
23 Germany
24 Spain
25 Greece
26 France


Do you have a special place? The kind of place you tend to keep to yourself? The place you don’t want ruining by hordes of tourists and other dirty people. How about that little special thing you like that not many have? Maybe it’s a biscuit or a cake or a drink or something. Does having to share it with others pain you?

I have a place like that. Not like a biscuit. A place that’s special to me. It brings out the hypocrite in me. On the one hand I want to share it with everybody that I am close to, on the other hand it pains me when each time I go I see how popular it is becoming with others. How the area has changed because of this influx. When I go there and I see all the new people “trespassing” in my sacred place I feel like someone has put a glass wall in the toilet while I’m trying to poo.

Biscuits are the same. Carrying on family tradition, when, on the rare occasion I have them in the house, there are biscuits there are always “Visitor” biscuits and “MY” biscuits. Visitor biscuits are for scoffing wantonly, “My” biscuits are the luxurious ones that I don’t want to share with anyone. I become horrified when I see people other than myself eating MY biscuits.

Due to circumstances requiring my complete attention I will be taking yet another LJ holiday. Though there may be a few filtered progress reports over the next few days. If you read my LJ and don’t have an LJ account I suggest you sign up for one and add me. There are reasons for this. I shall not be going into here.

See you on the flipside.


I realised something today.

One of the main reasons why I have been “off track” of late is because I took my eyes off the prize. The prize being a fucking good degree and a spectacular “more than I could ever have dreamed of” career. Most of this has been down to silly self wallowing and day to day drudgery.

With my eyes back on the prize, hopefully not too late, I now have new found gusto. However I find that I do still lack the confidence to actually put this gusto into use. Confidence is not something they sell down the shops really.

However, recently I saw an advertisement for sanitary towels saying they make you feel confident.

So I’m wearing one now.

I don’t think they work.

National Service

Some chief bigwig of the Metropolitan Police was on telly this morning suggesting that a spell of what he called “Compulsary Non-military National Service” would sort the youth problem in the UK.

Short of breeding controls, I think it’s a damn good idea. Especially as now I’m not a teenager. I would suggest that “Compulsary Non-military National Service” could be geared toward 14-16 year olds. During this period of National Service the youths would be encouraged to do community tasks (ie visiting old people; doing environmental jobs such as sweeping, litter picking, graffiti cleaning; and the like). Their toil would not go unrewarded as they would get payment in the form of a vouchers which they can then spend on vocational, further or higher education.

Of course such fantastic ideas never come to fruition and I imagine that in my old age the youth problem will still be in existence.

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