Items of note

1. I got a first for my Politics essay.
2. I have now finished 80% of my assignments.
3. I still have a 4 minute documentary and a 5 minute news bulletin to do.
4. It’s my birthday on Monday.
5. I finished at Pontefract NEW College for the third time today.
6. I did a nice picture in IT & DTP (below cut)
7. I have a curious crusty mole on my shoulder.
8. Despite state of the art antivirus, a strict “If you don’t know what it is don’t click on/download it” policy and a insightful knowledge of the mechanics behind Windows XP. I somehow managed to get a rather nasty virus and had to stay up until 2am this morning reinstalling everything.
9. Normal LJ service should be resolved shortly
10. There is no 10.