I’ve been polluting the internet since 1998. Social media, blogs, web pages and even chat programmes. I’m there.


Polluting WordPress since 2004

WordPress –

Stegzys Music Project
Compostual Existentialist

The Existential Compost

Livejournal –

The Existential Compost

The Other Compost

Blogspot –

The Other Compost

Social media

I no longer use Facebook because it is an anathema however you can find me elsewhere on the social media sphere

However you can find me on Reddit

Twitter Twitter

Or, if you’re a Hipster, on Ello


Muckybadger (http://www.muckybadger.co.uk) –

The MuckybadgerMuckybadger was a foodie website, devoted to local food and also included a number of restaurant reviews. Sadly, someone was upset by something I wrote there so they subjected it to a sustained DDOS attack until I couldn’t be arsed with them anymore. It is now an about me page until I can be bothered to do something else.

Badgercake (http://www.badgercake.co.uk)

Badgercake Media ServicesTrying to keep the skills developed during my degree fresh.

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