I had to be all manly today and try and fix two cars. So, after rubbing my face with dirt from the car and rolling a roll up cigarette I stood looking at both cars and pretended I knew what I was doing.

I popped the bonnet open on one of the cars. Poked around inside and tutted.

Having then reached the limit of my mechanical expertise I drove to a scrap yard where I was joined by similarly attired gentlemen who then stood around the Fiesta and tutted, sighed a bit and shook their heads. Eventually a price was plucked out of the ether and £50 later I came away with a new bulb for the Mondeo, a car stereo and a new wheel for the Fiesta.

My job done I settled back down to a less manly state of loading the dishwasher, doing a bit of tidying and moisturising my hands.

Ah the joys of being a modern man.

Times and How They Change

Thirty years ago


Twenty Years Ago

stegzyWow! Like hey! See that box…that’s an RM Nimbus PC and when I grow up I’m going to have twenty of them. one in each room of my house. I can’t wait! I’m so excited!

Ten Years Ago

stegzy – W0h dude! Like I’m really excited about the new Mike Oldfield CD, the forth coming games for the Amiga, going out, getting laid and getting smashed dude! .

Present Day

stegzyI say chaps! I’m quite chipper about having a spangly new carpet fitted today. Gosh!

Feeling all Manly

Today I used an electric jigsaw to cut a 36cm x 4cm piece of MDF.

I then went on to cut a further piece of 36cm x 26cm piece of MDF.

I then changed to a metal cutting blade and cut 2 rusted metal bolts.

For my next bit of testosterone boosting therapy I shall endeavour to drill some holes using a size 1 drill bit.

Who da man? Who da man?

**muscle flex**

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