Computing through the ages

My computing history is as follows:-

1979 – My brother demonstrates a Commodore calculator similar to this one

This picture is lost

only beige.

1981 – Chris Keane demonstrates his Sinclair ZX81 and Manic Minor
1982 – David Griffiths demonstrates his BBC
December 1982 – obtain VIC20 off Santa even though Atari was asked for
1983 – The school gets a donation of a a couple of Commodore PETS. Marvel at the green and black block graphics. Noone but Chris Keane and David Griffiths are allowed to touch said computers.
1984 – The school takes delivery of 2 BBC B’s and a couple of Acorns. Each pupil of the school gets one go. No more. No less..Unless you are David Griffiths or Christian Keane.
1985 – Santa delivers a Commodore 64
1985-1988 – Its rumoured that there are computers in school.Somewhere. Possibly in a cupboard somewhere. But noone has seen them. Or David Griffiths.
September 1989 – A class room previously kept locked is unveiled as a computer suite. Rumours of computing lessons abound. Top stream kids (that included me) get told that by no account would we be doing computing. Computers are but a passing fad and they will be used by those with lesser intelligence. Or words to that effect. Latin lessons get harder.
March 1990 – Invited to assist Mr O’Malley (the physics teacher) in his back office with some boxes. BBC spotted.
September 1990 – The need arises to type up project for A’Level Music. Assistance sought from Mr O’Malley who says I can use BBC B at lunch times as long as David Griffiths isnt using it.
February 1990 – David Griffiths off sick. I can use BBC.
April 1990 – Befriend teacher who’s name escapes me. Allowed exclusive lunch time use of the “Computer Suite” containing no less than 6 RM Nimbuses. Discovery of geek nest within school walls. Resulting in the outing of David Griffiths and a few others.
1992 – Leave school attend University. First use of IBM PC. First use of Windows 3.1
1993 – Bail out of expensive university. Buy Amiga 1200 in Dixons sale.
April 1995 – Use of Atari at music college. Blown away.
May 1995 – Gain temporary employment at firm of solicitors. Previous use of Windows 3.1 and Wordperfect proves useful.
September 1995 – Leave home. Become unemployed. Find new friend in Amiga 1200
1996 – Amiga dies and is resurrected with the aid of a soldering iron. Secretarial college attended and use of Windows 95 and Word for Windows demonstrated on a nice old 486DX. Gosh theyre nice.
February 1997 – Friend demonstrates Playstation and Tomb Raider.
March 1997 – Friend goes on holiday leaving Playstation and Lara Croft in capable hands. Amiga takes second place.
April 1997 – Friend returns. Playstation leaves for rightful owner.
August 1997 – Amiga finally yields to a collapsing ceiling.
September 1997 – gain employment. In celebration Playstation bought on HP. Payment terms to finish September 2000 (a £200 Playstation where you pay £400…bargain! Maybe they should have taught finance instead of fucking Latin in school)
April 1998 – Pissed off with Santa not bringing a PC stegzy buys a PC with a £2000 loan from the nice people at the bank. Welcome to the world PII 266 128Mb Ram meg graphics card…eat my shorts.
June 1998 – Something amiss. PC not right. Dismantle pc. Rebuild pc. Hey this is fun.
July 1998 – Visa bill arrives. Some fucker has stolen credit card details and ran up a massive porn bill. Loan extended to £4000 to cover debt. (End of payments some time in 2002). Playstation and games sold for food.
May 2000 – Lighting strikes phone line. PC fries. Buy new bits make new pc Pentium III 700. Kicks ass! Postmortem of Pentium II 266 reveals that some items salvagable. Rebuild 266 for dad to replace his Pentium 75 (thinly disguised as a 486DX)
April 2003 – Pentium III looking abit sorry and unable to cope with new top end games. Sell PIII to Scott & V. Build a new Athlon 2800 from scraps of cheese, furry bits from under the fridge and blood sweat and tears.
September 2003 – Have heart attack. Get broadband. 4 weeks off sick…super fast porn internet. Perfect
May 2005 – Still going strong.

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