Supermarket Evils and a brief history of my local area (A moan in epic proportions)

Supermarkets are evil.

That is a fact. They conspire with their convienienceness and buying power to trap us all into a false sense of worth making us fat, apathetic and unwittingly unethical. They must be stopped before it is too late….But maybe it is already too late! Parsnip vending malnutricious community killers!

Supermarket Sweep background waffle you may have already read


So, angelhands and I went to the corporate beast that is Testicles (Tescos) last night in the vain attempt to get a packet of Ryvita “Cardboard Munchies”. Of course we are incapable of going in for one item so a basket load and a stegzy handful later we a left slightly poorer than before.

The evils of Supermarché

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