Happy LJday

Today marks the 4th anniversary of my first LJ post. I have been going through old posts recently attempting to tidy them up and tag them. In those 4 years there have been a lot of polls and a lot of changes, I’ve changed jobs, gone to Uni, moved from one side of the country to another, seen friends come and go, I’ve put up with idiots and even been on some world tours.

What sticks in my mind however is all the wonderful people I’ve met online and then later in real life. Believe me, without LJ I certainly wouldn’t be doing what I’m trying to do now and no doubt I’d be in some mental hospital or nut house. To all the people I’ve met in RL through LJ (zoefruitcake, cujosmurf, louenn, synchronar, billzy, storm1jet2, stephmog, poggs ), those I already knew in RL that became drawn into or already had an LJ (jimrock, rockpile_99), those I’ve known through LJ who have stuck with me through thick and thin (celticblissy, starsnsammiches, fj_warren and dan4th) and those I am yet to meet someday (ie everyone else (we really need to get our acts together and do some sort of meet up thingie) ; Thank you for being part of my life over the past 4 years. Without you my LJ experience certainly wouldn’t have been the same. Ace just isn’t a powerful enough word to describe how you all are.

Here’s to at least another 4 years of this bollocks eh?


I love the way the days are brighter
I love the way the trees are still naked
I love the crisp fresh feeling you get outside
I love how here and there are still left over leaves from autumn, uncollected by the council and not blown away by the winds
I love how the wind picks up without warning
I love the way people walk round the local park all wrapped up nice and warm in post winter coats
I love the daffodils
I love how people have planted daffodils in parks, in grass verges, roundabouts and where ever the might be soil.
I love the bluebells
I love the snowdrops
I love how the above and the crocuses, tulips and other plants are all starting to poke up out of the soil
The hints of green peeking out of the grey and brown landscape.
I love seeing the freshly ploughed fields on my way into work
I love how I no longer crave treacly things and I now crave chocolate and green fresh things.

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