Today I feel really down. I have no idea why. Well…thats a lie. Im partly down because I have to “work” today. Sometimes this job gets me down. Too many stupid people, wanting stupid things or doing stupid things. I then spend about 30 minutes looking for a job else where but to no avail.

Ok so if in the slim chance, you have a job for me paying £16k or more please let me know!

Theres a key phrase I dread –
“Im no good with computers”
– No shit! That phrase normally preceeds “..
.and I want to turn my PC into a goat”
or ”
….can you tell me how to calculate the speed of galaxy B6 using MSpaint?”

Theres no hope for these people. ”
Oh but Steve, you know about computers you shouldnt be so hard on these people”
Yeah! I know about computers cos I took the fucking time to learn! I didn’t have anyone to ask about how to use internet exploder in 1997.

The little voice in my head says “KILL THEM ALL!” but for the lack of a weapon of mass destruction I have to pass.