Why is it……that some people that have computers…….run a million and one things in the background that they aint ever going to use? You know what I mean? They have like a million and one icons in their system tray cos theyre running “Instant Cybercustard” “Super Casino” “Nuclear Porn” “Compuparsnip V2” “Electronic Donkey” and other useless things that they would probably never ever use, only use rarely or only makes their PC look prettier. Then have the audacity to call me…..and tell me that the
is running slow and that its my fault! Then when I proxy onto their pc and point out all the “mysterious things that are in their system tray”, they say “Oh i never put that there” or “I didn’t know I was installing that”. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……i feel my blood boiling already I need to chill.