As I was driving to work this morning I noticed that for one particular street it was Bin Day (when the bins get emptied you know?). Anyway, I was struck by how few recycling bins there were. Sure there was a few, here and there, but there was a hell of a lot more people who still dont recycle.

Of course some of them might already recycle and take their recycling to the recycling centre on a weekend or something but still that wouldnt account for the over flowing wheelie bins that were awaiting collection. This gets my goat up.

In my house we have been recycling for over 7 years (doorstep recycling collections only started last year) and we would make a special effort to wash and separate our glass bottles and paper, take them to Asda or Tesco and put them in the proper boxes. It brought us great joy and made us feel like we were actually doing something constructive for the future of the planet.

My mum and dad used to only keep the newspapers for recycling but now they do everything (after Clopper and I gave them a lecture on the environment) and the same goes for most of our friends. But still there is a mentality to just chuck everything into one bin and be done with it.

My neighbours are one of the worst culprits. They live in a massive house (4 bedrooms, a conservatory and a converted garage) yet there is only Mr Fathead (in his mid 30’s I imagine), Mrs Fathead (mid to late twenties), little fathead (about 3ish), Fido Fathead (the dog which is allowed to poo all over their back garden) and babyfathead (less than 18months). Yet they have 2 bins (both for general crap and unsorted trash both of which are over flowing come bin day) and sometimes they even put out an extra bag of rubbish. When they moved in they threw out a TV set which sat festering in its cardboard box for 6 months and in April he dropped a glass bottle he was putting into his bin and the broken shards of glass have still to be cleaned up from the path. Fucking lazy arse hole he is. I’m not being a snob but there is only two of us in my house (and the two cats) yet we get embarrased if our bin lid wont shut!

We have 3 bins, a blue one for garden waste, a green box for recycling (both of which are collected on a bi monthly basis) and our normal house hold shite bin for non recyclalblelelebubble schtuff. The blue bin is barely filled, the green box (because of hungry feline cohabitees) tends to be slightly top heavy but our normal bin, which gets put out every week, is only half full at best!

What is wrong with them? Didnt they live through the 80’s/90’s green revolution? Did they not pay attention in class when the teacher talked about environmental issues and landfill sites?? Or are they just down right ignorant buggers that need a fucking good bellow at?? But then thinking about it we are the only house with a blue bin and also tend to be the only house that puts out the green bin every two weeks.

I suppose I gotta live with the fact that we can’t all be perfect……

Author: stegzy

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