Goodness! How many shoes does my wife have??? Still more than most people that took part in yesterdays polls.

Its because ladies have extra feet isnt it? I knew it……….Tis the only explanation.

I have 6 pairs

  • a knocking about pair
  • a pair of trainers
  • a pair of slippers
  • a pair of walking boots (for walking up mountains)
  • a posh pair for getting dressed up with
  • and a pair of sandals for beach purposes

Clair has……

  • a pair for walking about in
  • a pair for running in
  • a pair for skipping in
  • a pair of slippers for warm weather
  • a pair of slippers for cold weather
  • a pair of wellies
  • a pair of sandals
  • a pair of plastic flip flops
  • a pair of shoes for monday
  • a pair of shoes for tuesday
  • a pair of shoes for wednesday
  • a pair of shoes for monday in case the others on monday are dirty
  • a pair for getting married in
  • a pair for this
  • several pairs for that

And….everytime we pass a shoe shop its “Oooh theyre nice….I’d like a pair of them!”