The Beginnings of a Great Adventure and Weathermen

I feel like a kid waiting for Santa.

Today is my last day in work for 2 weeks. I’m so excited I could bleed!

Haven’t decided where I’m going yet. Im not too keen on going abroad because theres so much to see in my own country before I swan off overseas. Fair enough, if you can afford to go overseas then thats fine, but theres always a surprise in your own backgarden as it where. Last year I went to Madeira, which was nice, bit hilly, a few old biddies but other than that a very lush and splendid subtropicalesque island. But that cost us £1000 which is a lot of money. Besides Clairs grandad paid for most of it as a gift before he died.

The year before we went on a coastal tour of Wales, the year before that we did a tour of Brighton, Worthing and Eastbourne; and the year before that was a trip to Wales again. So as you can see, we tend to go to Wales quite a bit. But Clair has itchy feet and in her words “I’m sick of going to fucking Wales”. Which is fair enough.

So this year we were going to go to the Isle of Man with Scott and Vee, but the ferrys like £200 with the car so that went out the window. Then Scott and Vee said they couldnt afford to go away at all. So me and Clair were left with 2 weeks holiday and no plans.

But this is the plan now.

There are two possibilities:-

1) Go South. Visit friends in London for a few days, drive down to Worthing & Brighton. Then go on a magical mystery tour of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset
2) Drive Northish. Visit the Lake District. Then carry on up the M6 to Scotland and the islands and then round to Inverness, Dundee (to visit Gail and Leslie) and then down through Northumbria. Camping. Maybe hostelling.

They both swing on the weather.

As usual Micheal Fish (a weatherman, though John Kettley is a Weatherman, a weatherman, a weatherman) is being shit as usual. I dont know why the BBC do this. But when the outlook is bad, they bring out Micheal Fish. Anglophiles over 20 will remember the Great Storm when Micheal Fish famously predicted that it was going to be a calm night with sunshine, however it turned out to be one of the worst stoms in the UK evarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So maybe because he got it soooooo wrong they hope that if Fishy says its going to be shite its going to be glorious and vice versa. Either that or its his pennance for being so utterly wrong.

So anyway, Fishys been reading the weather this week so its either going to be shit or excellent next week. Which doesnt help.

I really really want to go to Scotland. I want to drink whisky and eat fudge and marmalade and high tea and haggis and walk round in a skirt kilt and play bagpipes and say “Och aye!”

**sigh** 6 hours of work left……

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