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First off do this poll and help someone with their research. I love helping people with research. Often I’ll consider helping the postgrads with their requests for subjects. We get a few like “Does Cheese taste different when you’ve cut your tongue off?” and “How do people interact with sausages” you know….useful research…

Last night angelhands and I went to see kimya_dawson_ at the Zanzibar in Liverpool. It was so cool. The Zanzibar is like some old seedy jazz club but nicer. I suspect there is a large click of regulars who like to whinge and heckle the acts they dont approve of but that just makes them look like twats and they probably thrive on that. Anyway, first up was Cara (http://www.caratheband.com) from Norway. They were alright….not quite in the same genre as Kimya but good enough. They kind of threw me as I’m only familiar with Norwegian goth so it was refreshing to hear something different.

Next up was a bunch of scousers. Full of themselves. Nowhere near as good as Jim and Steve (soon to be featuring on an LJ compilation CD near you). Arrogant and full of shit….not a nice stage presence.

Then came New Yorks Schwervon(http://www.olivejuicemusic.com/schwervon.html) and OMG li3K wow! Think White Stripes with spoken bits. They rocked. I’d see them again if I could. Its curious as they’re the second New York band I’ve heard that have made me go “oooh I like these” (The first being the fantastic and orgasmic Unisex Salon [http://www.unisexsalonband.com])

Finally, Kimya. She spent the first few hours sat in the corner of the bar knitting and talking to her fans ( angelhands even went and bought one of her tshirts and had a little chatter with her). I loved every minute of it. Here is a girl that appears like she doesn’t care for fame and fortune but just for the love of music and getting a message across through the medium of lyrics. Inspiring. Delightful and fun.

Thanks Kimya for a lovely evening 😀

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