An Idea

I have an idea. Its a vague idea. Needs work. There’s a fantastic part of the world that I keep on banging on about called the Llyn Peninsula which is in Wales. Its remote (kind of) and has a fantastic 40 mile walk. I want to do it.

I know I can do it. I know it can be done without the aid of the minibus operators. I just need a tent, good shoes and a lightish back pack (well I’ll need more than that really I know but hey). I’ve asked the usual people “Hey would you like to come on this walk which may take a week or can be reduced to a 3 day thing” and I get the usual half arsed “Yeah ok” but nothing else and I know every time I’ll pick a date, the same people will say “Oh sorry my dog is due to be menstruating then” or “I can’t make it then I have an important stamp collecting album to fill” or something equally crap.

So I’m going to do it on my own.

Fuck them.

If they want to join me they can but nothing is going to scupper my walk.

There is, however, one small technical problem.

Its not a circular walk.

In the ideal world I would need a car to drop me off then drive to the destination camp-site or area, set up camp then wait for my arrival. Then do the same the next day. But who the fuck wants to spend a weekend driving and setting up tents and stuff? No one.

Sure I could get angelhands to drop me off. I could walk the whole walk myself; set up my own tent do my own thing then get picked up from a prearranged location and driven home. But that means two journeys to the arse end of Wales for angelhands. Which is expensive.

I could fit the car with a remote control thing like in Knightrider but that would cost loads and, if I could afford to do that, I would be better off getting the minibus service (approx £45)

Another alternative would be to cycle it. That wouldn’t be too bad. But I hate fixing punctures and there’s a lot of debris on the roads round there (damn those Sons of Glendower).

So I’m still undecided what to do. Trains and buses are out. They have only had fire since 1980, running water since 1989 and they still call the TV the “devils glass box” in that region so buses and trains are as non-existent as a free U2 concert.

So I don’t know what to do. I’m not entirely keen on doing the walk by myself (yeah yeah I know I said I’d do it on my own) as I’m worried I might get into some sort of Deliverance situation or end up getting mistaken for a sheep. Ideally I would do it with people.

I need to plan more methinks.

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