John Humphrys, Sinister Forces & Free speech

Its curious. Well I think it is….How some, if not all, those public figures in the British Media, politics and civil service who stood up and spoke publicly about the debacle that is the Iraq war and the political machine behind it are either dead, discredited or have kept a low profile since.


George Galloway – Portrayed in the media as a gobshite
Robin Cook – Dead
Mo Mowlam – Dead
Claire Short – discredited
Dr David thingy – Dead
The reporter that used him as a source – Hushed
Andrew Gilligan – Hushed
Greg Dyke – Sacked
Piers Morgan – Sacked

and now John Humphrys – in the process of accreditation’s

Ok I know I’m paranoid and I like to see a conspiracy on every corner but hey…allow me to continue and hey humour me 😉 but surely these observations are a bit….coincidental (I hate that word).

Regardless…some of you will no doubt be unaware of the journalistic greatness that is John Humphrys and even more of you will be unaware of his amazing interviews with politicians on Radio 4’s Today programme. Humphrys is an astute interviewer. Much like Jeremy Paxman only more rabid. He doesn’t lose his temper like Paxman, he guides his interviewee into corners of their own making and then delights the audience with the politician basically trying to dig themselves out of the hole of their own making. It makes entertaining listening. My favourite Humphrys interview was the one he did with that thug, John “Two Jags” Prescott. (For more on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme see

It now seems the sinister forces that be, be they spin doctors; Aleister Campbell; Parsnips; the Illuminati; Reticulans; David Icke; The Wombles or Ikea, are working their “magic” on poor Mr Humphrys. If you look at this

You can read more about the current attempts to discredit John Humphrys. But I’ll give you a basic synopsis of what has happened here. Humphrys gave an after dinner speech, something he does often. In this speech Humphrys basically implied, in what he called a “good humoured and light hearted” tone, that all Labour ministers were liars. Now the BBC’s argument in getting Humphrys slapped on the wrist was in doing so he risked damaging the “impartiallity” of the BBC’s. They then basically told him off and, in my mind at least, damaged Humphrys’ credibility.

So it seems, even if you are in a private function and you are a person of any public standing you are not allowed to express your personal opinion if your bosses deem it may conflict with their interests. Has it come to this? Are public figures encouraged not to voice their disdain at governmental arsery by their Press secretaries ? Doesn’t it seem strange that those that appear to have some kind of strong opinion about matters that seem wrong yet the general media insist might be right (on government say so) strangely become hushed or appear to die suddenly or quite unexpectedly have some dark hidden past that comes to light like child porn, lewd acts in public toilets, jam smearing or kinky sex with kippers?

Well I do. I find it very strange. Almost like someone is saying “STFU or we will tell the tabloids about your night with the Austrian Transsexual and the rhubarb.” or when they can not possibly dig up stuff like that and make it stick they make them out to be a loud mouth loser weirdo e.g. George Galloway (whom I have great respect for), David Icke and Chris Euwbank. But like I said I see conspiracy on every street corner (for self amusement purposes of course).

Anyway. As Free Speech (in the regard to expression of opinions) seems to be waning. Here are my opinions on a few things before they become illegal.

1/ The second Iraq invasion was founded on a tissue of lies. We can all see that. Mr Blair & Mr Bush stop denying this; it makes you look like the fucking wankers you are. It does nothing for your PR.

2/ George W Bush is a fucktard. The only way I can possibly think of how he got back into power a second time is that the vote was rigged. I’m pretty damn sure that this will come to light eventually. By which time it will be too late to do anything about it. Bush said, in regard to the flooding in the New Orleans area and foreign aid, “I’m not expecting much from foreign nations because we haven’t asked for it,” he said. “I do expect a lot of sympathy, and perhaps some will send cash dollars. But this country is going to rise up and take care of it.’‘ (source BBC) yeah? Well the American people have my sympathy. From the bottom of my heart. I’m sorry you have such a dick head as a president and I hope something happens soon to get you out of the doldrums. I’m also sorry about the hurricane damage and I do feel greatly shocked by the amount of human lives that have been lost. It is shocking and the initial lack of visible action by the Big man in the White House is also shocking. Will you do something about him now please?

3/ If all these “famous” people didn’t spend their undeserved earnings on shoving cocaine up their plastic surgery adjusted noses and injecting heroin into their skinny arms; buying unnecessarily huge houses for them and their pet dog; having their bodies changed with surgery and going to mad-arse parties. Then later bang on about how poor people are in Africa and other parts of the world I might pay actually feel empathy with them. However because I know people in Africa are poor and I know there is disease and suffering. I do my bit by not buying cocaine, not buying a flash car, not having a party every weekend, buying fair trade goods, buying ethically and trying my best not to support companies that actually do damage to far off countries. If ever I had the money that Bob Geldoff spends on his home comforts, I’d certainly make sure that what I didn’t need went to help provide assistance in Third World countries. I don’t see Bob living in a 2 up 2 down semi in suburbia do you??

4/ If ever a company offered to pay my work a sum of more that £50 for me to work for them I’d be seriously worried and disgusted. So when I hear about Football players in deals in excess of a million pounds I feel a knotting in my stomach. No one is worth that much. No matter how well they play. Money like that should be ploughed into the community or to more worthwhile causes. The same goes for people that pay millions for an old twig that Elvis once used to pick his arse with. Who cares? its a twig! Give me the money, I’ll give you a twig and shove it up Elvis’ arse and I’ll make sure those that need the money get it rather than some auction house and some vendor.

5/ David Blunkett. You are a selfish little fascist. You were a terrible education Minister and an even worse Home Secretary. You should retire. Now please.

6/ Jack Straw. You look like the Demon Headmaster. Stop being Tony’s pansy and you might gain some credibility yourself.

oops this has turned into a political rant and I have a lot of work to catch up with so I shall stop before I have a funny turn or I put people off me….

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