Before today’s fun and games I took a trip to Liverpool on Friday night to see the Bonzo Dog Do Dah Reunion Tour at the Liverpool Philharmonic.

Bonzo Dog were originally a trad jazz group formed in the 60’s that experimented with Dah Dah and whacky performances. You might have heard some of their songs such as Mr Slater’s Parrot and I’m the Urban Spaceman. Anyway, the surviving members (one bloke died of something the other, Viv Stanshall, thought it might be amusing to experiment with cigarettes and sofas and promptly set himself on fire to death in 1994ish) have a collective age of 400 and yet still manage to deliver the goods. It was peculiar to see all these old grey haired geezers perform excellent first class music with Phil Jupitus and Ade Edmundson who were subbing for parts of Viv. I can only liken it to the British version of Buena Vista Social Club.

Exploding dummies, magic tricks, saxophones, clarinets, spoons, paper mache heads, gorrillas, bubble machines, musical teapots and legs and a huge talking parrot (in the shape of Ade Edmundson) made for a fantastic, once in a life time event. I am so bloody honoured to have been able to see such legendary performers in my life time.

Rock on Granny. ((with your doughnut) (in your green house))

The Sixties? Yeah I lived through the Sixties and now I’m living through them again – Neil Innes

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