Monday & Tuesday

Continuing the weekend

Monday involved an early rise and a drive along the M25 and up the M1 to Barnsley. We stopped briefly at a tile shop to chose some tiles for the kitchen. We then returned to our home and our newly plastered kitchen. It looked fantastic.

I then took the Vectra for an MOT (an MOT if you didn’t know is basically an annual vehicular safety test which certifies that the car is safe to travel on the roads). Unfortunately it didn’t pass, failing on 5 points and 2 warnings. 2 of the failures were light related (I’d changed the headlight bulb but hadnt put it in right), one was tyre related and the other 2 were mechanical defects to do with the suspension and a split gaiter (whatever that is. I’m not as clued up on cars as I am on computer hardware. This worries me as really I should be able to fix my own car methinks).

The evening involved nearly driving to Scarborough looking for a hotel in Leeds. (We missed our turning because our maps were out of date and they had changed the road layouts). The Milford Lodge hotel was our destination for my works Christmas do. It was mostly teaching staff, the other support staff opting not to go but it was quite enjoyable. I think, out of the 3 Christmas Meals I’ve had so far; the Burntwood Court, Chapter 2 and the Milford Lodge, that the Milford Lodge was the best of the three closely followed by Chapter 2.

I had prawn cocktail (note NO tuna thank you very much Mr Burntwood Court) followed by tomato and basil soup (something that really wasnt required) and for mains I had turkey and pudding consisted of a nice berry meringue. The service was spectacular and the food top notch. (Environment 5/5; Food 5/5; Company 4/5 ). It was while eating that the wife of one of the teachers to whom we were talking to said to Clair “Did you go to Wakefield College?”. Clair said she had and it turned out that she was Clair’s old A level French teacher. Such a small world!

On our way home we espied a shooting star. It was moving slower than a shooting star which kind of go Whoooosh…more like a plane but only one light and with a tail. It shot over the road and over some fields. I can only suggest it was some kind of meteor (we are at the start of the Geminid Meteor shower). Whatever it was it was amazing!

Work as usual on Tuesday and a return home to find once again we had experienced a builder phenomenon while we were out. The kitchen units that had been removed had been put back up again. This time lowered for the short wife and nicely trimmed off with some lights. So the evening was spent trying to squeeze everything that used to live in the kitchen back in. Hurrah!!

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