Living in Brierley

I’ve been living there for 6 months now. Whats it been like? How have I felt about things that go on in the village? What is the mysterious bricked up entrance in the wall under number 74? what’s the differences I’ve noticed from big city life to quiet rural backwater life? Well I’m intending on doing a little tour for you so you can see where I live and what the area is like. To do this I’m going to take some photos, probably at the weekend, to give you an idea of what it’s like. I’ll then write up a little bit and even answer some questions you might like to ask about the area. You can ask anything you like from how I feel about life in Brierley or whats the local chippy like or whatever….if you run out of space use comments…..

Tell you what too…I’ll screen comments so if you’re shy you dont have to worry about other readers knowing what you’ve asked if you’d rather I didn’t tell readers. 😀

I’ll then cobble together the virtual tour and post it sometime next week. If its really good I’ll permanently host it on one of my websites.

Author: stegzy

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