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Exam day today so everything technical that can go wrong with the printer has. Such is the rule of tech. Rules set in stone by the first ever technical support people.

I have a ditty going through my head. It is an annoying ditty. Repeatedly going through my head de di di fiddly diddly diddly dee di di. It is from Sid Meier’s Pirates which I bought via Ebay the other month. I can’t get the wretched thing out of my brain. If it continues much longer I might have to poke my eyes out and smear marmite on my face.

The wife and I chose floor tiles last night.

Watching my web camera earlier I spotted G the Human Dog head off to work or out or wherever. Mrs The Human Dog is not well at the moment so he is off work (which he only started the other week) to look after her.

The insurance people have been really nice. The amount of stuff I never knew we had that went missing from the garage during the breakin is, I worry, unbelievable. Still its not me making the claim and I believe that prisons are filled to bursting so a small fine will probably be ok for a first offence.

Handy Hint:- If you buy yourself a shiney new car stereo and you want to keep the old one as a spare. Keep both stereos in the car and not in the garage or the house. This also goes for stereos that you can remove. If you remove it from your car and your house gets broken into your insurance might not cover it. This crazy caveat is popular with most insurers apparently. Car Stereos, affixed or not affixed, are only covered by car insurance. To wit the stereo must be in situ.

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