Today’s juice included:-

Brussel Sprouts
Garden peas

Last nights potato replacement was – sautéed mushrooms

It amuses me how people scoff when I tell them I’m not eating potato this year. Last night though I was sorely tempted to nip out to the chippy but I combated the desire with a nice bacon sandwich with lashings of salad cream and a side of sautéed mushrooms.

The journey home from work (I used less petrol because I was blown home) was interesting as the high winds had brought down several trees. The M62 was closed in parts (it took Debra, the wife’s youngest sister, 3 hours to get from Warrington to Wakefield. A journey that normally only takes an hour) so the roads round Ponty and Normanton were chock-a-block with people taking alternative routes to the A1 and M1. This was made worse by Ackworth being without power so I cunningly used my knowledge of the back roads to get home via South Hiendley and Havercroft.

On arrival to the “Back Lane that dare not speak its name”, which in effect is a communal driveway for the 5 houses on our street, was blocked at the top near the Brierley Village Club (the members of which tend not to live in the village, I think not being a resident of Brierley is a condition of membership though I may be wrong) with a fallen tree. It was sad really because that was one of the Hazelnut trees. Gandalf (formerly G-the-Human-Dog) got to work, once the rain had passed, with his petrol chainsaw and made us a nice new coppiced fence type thing out of the debris.

The wife is off to see Kylie Minogue tonight. It will be really weird cos both the wife and Kylie know the fashion designer, Christopher Shannon (aka little Gay Chris). Tomorrow she will be working. I might venture to the pub…..

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