Ian St James

Went for a meal at the Navigation in Calder Grove last night. If ever Gordon Ramsey needed to visit a place its that place. Because having some sweary ex-footballer chef on the premises might actually improve it.

To be fair, we had been there before and had a lovely meal. We had a lovely carvery and delicious puddings. However last night was shockingly bad. Our food was late. Two dishes were unpleasantly salty. The steak on my Surf and Turf was dry and over cooked (I always ask for my steak to be done medium, last night it came to me like a piece of shoe leather) the surf bit (6 pieces of gyppo scampi) didn’t come with tartar sauce. My desert of Lemon Brulee was more like lemon ice cream in a flat dish with some burnt blobs of sugar. And, considering the last time we went it was full to the brim, the place was empty last night. Probably an indicator that a place is bad.

So 2/10 from me for that.

The beer they sell is piss too. Think I’ll go to Pizza Hut next time someone suggests we go to the Navigation in Calder Grove, Wakefield.