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So we got a new carpet last month. On it is a slight “You’d never know it was there unless someone pointed it out” defect. Of course Mrs Gnomepants has the eyes of an eagle and noticed it straight away. Personally I wish she would get contact lenses as people still point at her in the street because of her peculiar eyes.

But anyway, there is a defect. It is in the carpet (under the chair). Mrs Gnomepants has high standards. This means that Carpet Right (the people that sold us and fitted the carpet) felt the nasty end of Mrs Gnomepants’ wrath. Shortly afterwards they sent a bespectacled Mr Bean accountant type round so that Mrs G could intimidate him into giving us money back or a new carpet.

Today they called to say we could have £75. Mrs Gnomepants texted me :-

“75 pounds back on carpet”

To which I replied

“Thats good. Not excellent but good xx”

Meaning “that is more than I expected they’d give us”

“Well you can do it in future then my dear” was the reply

I responded “I wasnt having a go :-(“

Receiving aWell watch your words then I do my best

followed by a further text containing Carpet Right’s telephone number and a curt “you try”

My feelings are “great, £75. Thats more than I was expecting to get. It would have been nice to have the whole carpet for free but it’s better than the £20 voucher I was expecting”. But Mrs Gnomepants, obviously in “I’m dealing with fuckwits” mode, vented her spleen on me. This is not the first time. I am the focal point for spleenage.

Well today I’m too busy to phone carpet companies to get a full refund for a “defect that nobody will see unless we point it out to them”. So I’m not going to do anything. Besides, all morning on the phone to fucking awkward Student Finance has resulted in me wanting to be awkward to people. Not a good thing to do. Since my good news (I got into Uni if you didn’t know) I’ve been on a high and a relatively good mood, spurred on by a conversation I had with Nick last week about neuroticism.

Yeah I’m neurotic. I can be really bad some days. There was a time when I wouldnt have given two shits about things and just got on with what needed to be done. Recently I got to a stage where I was not doing things because I was trying to avoid possible pit falls and things. I realise now that if pit falls are to occur then they are to occur, nothing I can do will stop them from occuring, so instead of procrastinating and planning for disaster I’m just going to do things.

The big issue is still my Credit card. I still owe abou £500 nearly a year on. I had meant to pay off £100 a month but I got tied up with a nasty account deficit brought on by something expensive I bought in January. Therefore it is time to start selling things. In order to raise funds to clear my debt. Anyone want a 5 speaker system (4 speakers and a centre)? How about a nice CCTV system (used once)? Or there is a wheat grass juicer? A Vauxhall Vectra (R reg)? or even an ornate cast iron fire guard? It might make a rather unusual paper weight. Stay tuned for a stack of books and VHS videos…..

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