LJ Identity

Ok. 13 “strangers” 13 occupations. Let’s play….Identity

Here are our thirteen strangers.

And here are the occupations

Drama Graduate
Makes a good cup of tea
Injured in riots
Drives a Classic Mini
Removed knees from dead people
Bradford Bulls supporter
Broadband Internet support
Former chemistry student
Toured with ringling brothers circus
Father’s Rights Activist
Cooked for the famous
Careers Advisor

Your task? To match the “occupations” to the strangers. You have until Friday evening when the competition will close.First person to comment can select 3 strangers and I will reply with a statement about each of the 3 strangers they choose. Answers should also go into comments (they will be screened). Winner will be announced over the weekend. You may confer. Managements decision is final. All rights reserved. Saints be praised. God bless this ship and all who sail in her…