Too long off makes badger a lazy, overweight and unhealthy slob.

I need to get my Academic/creative teeth into something. Tomorrow I’m going into college to edit my film (it’s not finished filming yet and I don’t think it will be).

Today Mrs Gnomepants and I looked at bathrooms (this is the second time we have done this). I would like a bath and a free standing shower with the wash basin moved to the North wall and the toilet moved 3 ft from where it is now to allow access to the potential shower. Mrs Gnomepants wants a free standing 30’s style bath with over head shower and ornate wash basin and a toilet with one of those cisterns that are like 5 ft above the bowl. Like what my nan had. Not that you’ll know what my nan had but it was like what the wife wants in our new bathroom. We cannot agree. Compromises fall to whims. My resolve has been broken and now I don’t care how the bathroom looks. Of course I now get accused of not taking an interest in house matters. Yet it appears my opinion has the monetary value of a 1p off soap coupon (0.000001p). I learnt long ago men cannot win so why bother disagreeing.

Yesterday we had a visit from my olds. They brought us their old telly which is slightly better than our old one if a little smaller. My afternoon is but a drinky fuzz. My night, awash with weird dreams about batteries and ham.

Friday I went into work for 3.5 hours. I got told for every 9 hours I work I get 1 hour leave. Fucking A.

I’m rapidly sinking into don’t give a shit mode. My body is telling me to stop being abusive and my mind is saying “Maybe join a gym or something”. At £25 a month avg I doubt that is going to happen. Brierley/Grimethorpe “TOWN” council opened a “Community Gym” last year. Guess what? I can find nothing about it online. No joining information/opening times/facility information. Something smells in Brierley. I think it is Alec Vodden.

The more I hear and read about Vodden the more my distrust of him grows, he had definately watchout at the next local elections…

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