Ten Reasons


Why I hate living in Barnsley  Why I like living in Barnsley
 I’ve been a victim of crime in the past  1  There are some good farm shops near by
 I’ve been abused in the streets by awful children  2  There is hardly any traffic
 There is an increased population of Neanderthalic people living near by who don’t give a fuck about their environment and 80% of them still think it’s the 1980’s  3  There are trees
Too many chavs – The youth have no prospects apart from getting pregnant and wearing Burberry  4  The fish and chips are damn fine
 Too many piss, smack and crack heads – I’m surprised I haven’t turned to drugs. It’s so depressing round here. 5  There are bees
 No prospects – Anyone that earns a decent salary commutes to Sheffield, Leeds or Manchester.  6  All my stuff is here
 If, in the unlikely event, I was to have children I wouldn’t want them to grow up round here  7  Erm
Public transport is shit – It can take an hour to travel 3 miles.  8  Oh er….
 I don’t know anybody – Even the people on my course don’t live near by. Everybody I do know lives miles away. 9  And…
 There is nothing to do  10  ….erm yeah that too.