Bath water (a slightly better improved poem by Stegzy Gnomepants)

Bath WaterSomeone let the bath water out
I can see it going down the spout
It’s too late to put back the plug
So all that I can do is just shrug

Someone let out the bath water
By mistake or should they oughta?
I’m not sure, but what I know
Is down the drain the water go.

The bath water is nearly drained
The water got cold, and I was pained
Instead of adding some more hot
Out of the bath we both got

But who unplugged it? You may ask
A detective puzzling cryptic task
Was it me or was it you?
Who ever it was I wish I knew.

Do we plug the hole once more and try,
To get the bubbles back up to the sky?
Or do we leave it? Let it run dry?
Or stand around wondering why?

The bath water is nearly gone
Should we get another one?
Refill that and seal the plug?
Or just make do with sink and jug?

Ah Thankyou

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