Screwdriver – A crap poem for Poem per day 5 of 7 as requested by louenn


I hold you in my hand
Hard metallic thing
I need you to do a job
So that I may sing
With joy and rapture
Abound galore
Be it drive in a screw
Or into wall bore
A hole for a purpose
Sinister or true
Should I have used nails?
Should I have used glue?
The picture needs hanging
I have prepared the string
To get this screw in
I have the very thing
A screwdriver!
Yes that’s what it is
The simplest answer
To the DIY quiz
Turn to the right
To drive in the screw
Turn to the left
And I loosen you
A handy old tool
For all manner of jobs
Like fixing up pictures
Or attaching door knobs
But though you get praise
And love from abound
You majestic tool
Are useful
I’ve found.

Ah thankyou.