Thanksgiving – A post (in verse as it is Poetry week)

To readers:-

My poetry is crap
Click here for a taster
A poet I’m not
I am but a waster
This week I have rhymed
In all of my posts
I’m sorry if its crap
Like marmite on toasts
But to break with tradition
And write one in prose
Would be as painful
As breaking my toes.
And so dear reader I give you
My entry this week
I hope that you like it
Be warned it may reek.

Thank you: A really crap poem by Stegzy Gnomepants

Thank you for the button
You’ve sewn on my shirt
Thank you for the mutton
That made my belly hurt
Thank you for the things
You’ve soldered for me
Thank you for the rings
That loop round my key
Thank you for the toys
I had as a kid
Thank you for the joys
Bought from the things you did
You work in a sweat shop
For most of your day
You never seem to stop
So I just want to say
Thank you for the work you do
I really am quite grateful
I know your wage is poo
And doesn’t get you a plateful
Of food or of meat
Just like I’ve eaten
A decadent treat
My conscience to sweeten
My thanks to you
Will go unbidden
Your identity too
Your work ever hidden
But thanks for your toil
It’s not gone unnoticed
In Taiwan Vietnam
Or country remotest.

Ah thank you

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