Sermon #1 – Purpose

Everyone is here for some purpose or other. I strongly believe that. It could be something as insignificant as helping an old woman across the road or it could be something major like influencing the next generation with a belief or aspiration. It could be that we have one major purpose which our lives lead toward or it could be a long list of purposes which we go through life each being ticked off as they are fulfilled. I then believe that once you have fulfilled your purpose or purposes you pass on.

This ties in nicely with the action/consequence thing. Every action we take has an effect on the world and those we share it with. Me writing this has an action.

I type, and by typing I exercise my fingers preventing the joints seizing up to enable me to write again at a later date.

By writing this I give you something to read. You gain an insight into how my mind works and hopefully go away with the seed of idea within your own thoughts. I believe this then acts as a chain. I influence people many miles away from me by passing on my idea which, someone somewhere may pass on to someone else. Who then in turn passes these thoughts on to someone else and, if conditions are right, the idea persists.

By writing this you spend time reading this post which, had you not come across, you would probably have not read meaning that my actions have delayed you for a few moments more than it would have done. You leave your house or place of work slightly later or indeed, earlier than you would have and you miss that bus that might have knocked you over. Or maybe you do get hit by the bus. My purpose, or one of my purposes, fulfilled.

We have no say in our purposes. We cannot choose our purpose, our purposes are preordained. We are but strings of code in nature’s “system”. However I also believe that this “system” is not created or controlled by supernatural beings. The “system” just is; it’s like some long drawn out chemical reaction. The result of which we can never know.

This whole “system” has been running forever. It runs on both subatomic and macroscopic levels. Maybe there is no end, maybe there was no start. Whether there was or not we will never know and it is pointless speculating or dwelling on the issue. The “system” has been running forever. If, many millions of years ago, a dinosaur had not eaten that food, there is a slight possibility that one of us, or even myself, would not exist. Or maybe because the dinosaur didn’t eat that food things are as they should be now. Again, pointless speculation but how I believe things are.

At the core of this sermon is cause and effect. We are all here for a purpose. What that purpose is – may not always be apparent if apparent at all. I like to think of it as if we are like cogs in a giant clockwork device, each of us influencing those we come into contact with. When some are on the rise others are on the fall. Some of us are huge cogs, turning slowly influenced by the smaller cogs around us. Some of us are small cogs, running fast. Some of us appear to be useless while others more worthwhile, but without the “useless” cogs the mechanism would not turn.

We are all here for a purpose. Each of us to guide, influence and shape the life paths of those around us. Those in the past and the future influence us too, our forefathers and our children. Those who are related, those who are not; those we know and those we but pass briefly in the street that we shall never know. So we in turn can shape and mould those that come after us. Maybe, by writing this, I have just fulfilled mine.

Author: stegzy

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