School Dinners

For dinner tonight I had faggots and chips. I haven’t had faggots in years. The ones I got at school were a lot more herby than the ones I had tonight so were a little disappointing.




Later this evening I was having a text conversation with aladdin_saneUncle Monty about how disappointing they were and how I had them for school dinners. aladdin_saneUncle Monty said that he wasn’t fortunate enough to have faggots at school and suffered a disgusting mix of curried cabbage, boiled beetroot and mashed potato.

So this got me thinking about school dinners on a national, if not global scale. Are school dinners an exclusively British thing? Or do they have them in foreign climes? What did you have for your school dinners? Did you like them?

Faggots weren’t my favourite. Sausage and chips was my favourite. If you were lucky you had the option of plum tomatoes instead of beans. The sausages were often just MRM but by the blue bag, they were gorgeous.

How about you?

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4 thoughts on “School Dinners

  1. >School dinners are the same as school lunches really. In Britain it used to be that the only proper meal a school kid got was often that provided at the school during lunch. So they would be like a proper huge meal.Then in the 80's it changed for some schools where better off kids were encouraged to take their own lunches (sandwiches and that) to save the local education authority money but some schools still offered dinners. Even though I was from a fairly well off family I still had dinners occasionally rather than have a big meal in the evening.


  2. >I had school lunch/dinner then almost all of my schooling. elementary – high school. I always thought the food was pretty good. There are even some things that my sister and I have tried to recreate as we have such fond memories.


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