Taking a break from the trials and tribulations of academic research I thought I’d spend a few minutes trying out something ucrazyutaraptorucrazyutaraptor was having fun with the other week.

But first of all. I did a bit of research.

If you are unfamiliar with the phenomenon of Chatroulette….watch this….

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

The Reverend Anyway, much like Casey, in the film, I’ve had a bizarre experience. However, unlike Casey, I don’t have a cute friend on hand. So What I did was ask the lovely Rev. Badger O’Hand to help out…..

Badger Studio

What I’ve found most amusing is when the pervs mentioned in the film, which you will come across…believe me…keep on whacking their sausage and then rush for the “next” button when they see they’re actually spaffing to an image of a cuddly toy.

Of course, since the Reverend has been helping, my chats have increased. It seems that people feel a lot more comfortable talking to a synthetic badger than a real person with crazy hair. Of course, during these chats it would be rude of me to chat with them when they think they’re chatting to a badger, so I’ve been chatting to them in the “badger person”. With amusing results.

Anyway, I won’t bore you. I suggest you try Chatroulette ( out yourself sometime. And, as a postscriptum, here are a few of the conversations I’ve had.

Chat log
I went on to point out that he had no idea how old I was and he disconnected when I told him I was 9 years old

Capture Some guys play along with amusing results.

I’ve also chatted with Michael from Halloween, a weird Brazillian male who thought Badger was a squirrel and had a dance with some crazy dudes with flowers…

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