Telly time

Me and the zoefruitcakethe fruit cake were discussing telly during a blustery walk through the Warwickshire countryside and we thought about what sort of programmes you would run if you owned a television station for a day and could schedule any show you wanted to.

The premise being that you have 24 hours to fill with programmes. So I thought, well you would need news. You’d have news at the start of the day, at lunch, early evening and late evening. So that would be 2 hours filled. Then you would need documentaries, daytime telly, game shows and the like. But what sort of programmes would YOU want to see? What sort of documentaries interest you?

Now I’m not promising anything, but if I get some good responses, I might make them….just for shits and giggles.

So tell me…in comments of course…and if you’re interactively inclined….if you could have any programme made….what would you make? If you could watch any programme….what would you watch?