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Save a Radish Today

Some radishes live a care-free happy-go-lucky life but there are many other radishes that go uncared for and mistreated. In 2005 alone, over 2 million radishes were abandoned, composted or left to fester at the back of someones fridge. They are the often forgotten vegetable and frequently suffer bad treatment from other vegetables and even human beings. But with your help this carnage and barbaric practice could be wiped out for a few hours at least.

Take for example Gregory. Gregory was a happy radish sown in February 2006 and harvested in June 2006. His cheeky red face made him a popular radish amongst his fellow radishes. Sadly he was neglected; left to rot under some limp lettuce and rubbery carrots. That was when Action For Vegetables got involved. After an anonymous tip off, Action for Vegetables, with the assistance of the Fruit Basket Liberation Army, raided the fridge in which Gregory was being held captive and rescued him. And, after extensive rehabilitation and training Gregory graduated from the University of Crudités and even has his own savoury dip (home-made tzatziki with organic yoghurt and cucumber).

For a donation of just 16p (per 100g) you too can help restore hope in a forgotten vegetable. Alternatively rescue one of the poor orphaned radishes from your local vegetable orphanage, independent green grocer or super market. Make a difference; Save a Radish Today.

Author: stegzy

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