First world problems: shit wifi on crosscountry trains


Just thought you should know that on your wifi service when accessing flipboard on iPads users are presented with the welcome screen of your wifi service even when already logged in. Chiltern trains don’t have this problem with theirs. Then again, chiltern are able to offer free wifi.

I guess I should just save my money next time and not bother on crosscountry trains. It might have saved me £2 if I’d known that I wouldn’t be able to use my rss news aggregator or anything other than mail and web browsers when I first connected to the service. Perhaps you could add something on your log in page? In the meanwhile, I’ll let other prospective users about this useful feature of yours via Twitter, forums and my various blogs.

Poor show.


Gnomepants x

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Dun’t like change

Dear Webdesigners,

Please stop fucking about trying to redesign webpages. I know you’re only trying to keep yourself in a job but seriously, I’m usually quite happy with the way things are. Gmail now looks like it’s been through the washing machine. I hope my missing LJ comment replies aren’t related to this image change.

No love,


PS. Can I have my fish heads back now please?

An email to the COMPUTING SERVICES Helpdesk!

hi help
could you point me in the direction of where I apply for copies of my g c e and
school leaving certificates as the the job I am going to have asked for them
and proof I finished my education I left school in 1964
thanks Jeannette

Sometimes there really is no helping these people.

Goodness gracious!

I work in the COMPUTER SERVICES DEPARTMENT of one of the Universities in Liverpool. I deal with mindless computing queries all day in the form of emails, telephone calls and visits. Dont get me wrong, sometimes the queries are challenging and quite exciting. But just occasionally.

Today I’m doing email.

Todays STAR STUPID EMAIL is…………….

“I would very much like to leave my body for medical research, could you
please tell me how I go about it.
Thanking you”

Erm…….how do i answer that????