Lost Time

Somewhere, in Hollywood, there are some creatures that feed on lost time. I’m certain of it. Maybe they’re aliens from another world where time is a scarce commodity. Or maybe they’re from closer to home, over worked executives wanting to somehow recapture their own lost time via some temporal thievery. Whatever they are in order to harvest this lost time these creatures produce films that sap peoples time. This “lost time” is then harvested, processed and devoured by these creatures. Maybe so they can spend longer on the golf course or at home with the wife and kids. Who knows?

Gimme back

Mr. Queues

In the dark and distant past (well around 1984) I recall being roused from my slumber by my middle brother Chris (who, if you live in the Brighton Area of the UK, has probably driven your bus) hurried down stairs, fed a mighty breakfast (Ricicles, toast and tea probably), pushed into my hat and coat and rushed into town.

Rantage about Films

Ghosting Images

Supernatural, occult and folk horror on British TV

The Haunted Generation

"Elastic time to stretch about the eternal moment..."

The Chrysalis

"For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern" -- William Blake

Late to the Theater

Florida women take on culture and stuff.


Come & visit our beautiful, unknown County

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