Stuart Hall

The Belgians!

I’ve never stole sausages from a supermarket though I once pinched a little rubber ring that holds a face mask to a snorkel from a French Hypermarch√© and had 8 years of conscience nag. Think that’s the only time I’ve ever nicked anything really. Oh apart from when I whizzed some of Neil (now a hairdresser for the famous) Chase’s Lego but he never missed it and often buried perfectly good pieces of Lego in his garden (yeah yeah he was weird) and I once “borrowed” a book on long term loan from the son of a friend of my mum’s but the man is dead now so I don’t think he’d be missing it really. But these minor transgressions of youth aside I’ve never pinched owt.

Well…I pinched some girls bum…but I got a slap for that.