Weekend:- Vandalism Friday

Weekend then…Where to start eh? Friday most probably….

Friday I did my usual ritual. Home from work and straight to Three Horseshoes with the local papers. On my return to the house I watched Butterfly Effect for the second time. However the mundaneness ceased at 9pm when there was a commotion from the street outside. Now to begin with I ignored it. Being a major thoroughfare for drunks from Grimethorpe we do occasionally have a few wobbly heads arguing about shagging around. However something didn’t quite sound right so I peeped from behind the curtain upstairs to see a gang of about 5 or 6 hooded scallies kicking fuck out of the wifes car.

I legged it downstairs and managed to get to the front garden gate before I was spotted. By this time the group had grown to about 15 to 20 youths (all aged between 14 and 17) I think I managed to give them the fright of their life shouting “Oi!” in my scouse accent as no soon as they heard me they scarpered like cockroaches when you turn the light on. I did my Terminator impression and casually walked after them catching up with the main group and giving them a right bollocking.

Of course they didn’t own up to doing any damage. Cowards. On inspection the car had the near side indicator light smashed, the wipers bent back and the bonnet had someone’s signature on it in permanent marker.

Little shits.

The police came rather surprisingly rapidly (only took them an hour) and we reported the criminal damage to them. We joked at how the little green Fiesta had managed to sit, parked on the road, untouched for over 6 years in some of the roughest places in Liverpool (L8, Toxteth, Dovecot, Bootle and Halewood) yet it has been parked out on our street for less than 4 months and been vandalised twice.

The rest of the night was spent discussing what to do with the parking arrangements and reliving events (though mainly in dreams). Like I said on Friday, if I catch the little shits again I’ll give them such mental scarring they’ll not want to go out at night ever again. Or in the day time for that matter.

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