In the Garden Eating Worms

Today has been an eye opener.

angelhands in Glastonbury
Scott – Working or with Rachael
Jim & Becky – Gone to Ambleside
Nick? Terrorising a casino in Las Vegas

Me? Skint. No new computer games or music (I’ve had to cancel my Usenet Subs cos I need the cash). Nowhere to go. Low/Nonexistant sex drive(not that that’s a keystone for the way im feeling but I’ll add that for my reference anyway). Nothing on TV. DVD player acting like a twat. Cats being über-boring. Plenty of time to mope about thinking about where my life’s gone wrong, what I’d rather be doing and the accompanying futile self arguments. Slowly getting even more miserable. Having to talk to people on the phone that I’ve got absolutely nothing to say to… nausem

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