I called my mum and dad this evening. My mum seems to think I’m destined to have a stroke any time soon. It seems this is her new thing. A while back any ache or pain and it was naturally the start of Cancer or down to the fact that you may have smoked. Now she applies the same to strokes it seems.

For example:

stegzy – Yes I had this weird twinge in my jaw that lasted three days.
Mum – It’s probably the start of a stroke

stegzy – I have this peculiar runny nose
Mum – Stroke

stegzy – I’ve been staying up dead late recently and I’m dead tired all day
Mum – Oh might be a stroke.

Stabby “stab stab” McStab

When I did my weekly check in with my olds on Sunday my mum asked me what, if anything, I had been up to the day before. So I told her that I’d gone to meet zoefruitcake and that I had a wonderful time. My mum then said something along the lines of “Well I won’t say what I think about meeting people off the internet”. Which normally means “If you don’t ask me what I think about the subject I will continue to make snarky remarks”. This is a tactic taught to all mums in Mum School.

So I bit, as any dutiful son would.