Well had a fantastic night out with Vee and Harry (short for Harriet). Got into a facinating discussion about relationships, affairs and sex.

I find it amazing that in this supposed “enlightend” age that some people who convey an aura of sexual confidence can still be prudish when it comes down to something slightly different.

Harry has her head screwed on right though…I can tell shes not afraid to question her inhibitions but I can also see how society which the encourages black or white mentality when it comes to sex but no shades of grey.

For example, both agreed that outside of a relationship sex for pleasure is acceptable. However, as in Harrys case, if your long term partner is not coming up with the goods, so to speak, is it wrong to seek meaningless sex to fulfill your needs if when at the end of the day you go back to your longterm partner.

Then you are stuck with your dilemma, do you tell your partner? or not? If not can you would probably have to live with the guilt. But then guilt is an emotion manufactured by society and related to ones own morallity.

Ok you can claim undying love to someone…but these days the meaning sex is so saccharine and watered down, (by media and advertising etc) in that what was once a sacred magical thing that would be shared only by two life partners is now a past time, hobby, a means to sell something.

Now dont get me wrong. Im not a prude and I’m certainly not affraid to try new things but to me this is how sex is today, ie its lost the old meaning, and we should all show our love for our fellow and opposite genders in what ever way we choose and it is but a mental process that changes an act of sexual activity into an act of love making. Is this the same mentality of the Free Love movement in the 60’s? I dont know.

Another thing that amused me is how the girls both said that they would like threesomes with their partner and another female (in Harrys case she would think seriously about a male male female triad) but where as they would be happy for the act to take place to them. They would be upset, if not vexxed, if their longterm partner was to have resipricol action. If you know what i mean. Probably not.

I’ll stop there and maybe continue some other time. I’ve probably waffled myself into some hole and people reading this will probably think “Hey that Stegzys a bit of a dirty weirdo” but Im not saying I do these things. No I dont (sadly lol) but it was how I was able to see a clear, devils advocate view on the discussion. I really surprised myself. But I really enjoyed the discussion, it was enlightening and very educational to see a womans side of the sexuallity thing.

Anyway, I’ll stop there and have a shower


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