More foolishness

Some people have no sense

” Afternoon. Computer Services Helpdesk”
“Hello yes. Is that the helpdesk?”
“Yes. How can I help?”
“Well Im filling in this computer form online for computer quota using my computer on the network…”
“yes go on”
“…and theres a part thats asking for my ‘real name‘ . Can you tell me what it means?”
“Erm…..ok…well basically its your name”
“yes but whats my realname”
“your name is your real name! unless you’re using an alias”
“yes but I dont understand all that computer stuff.”
Blood pressure rises gradually.
“OK. I’ll try and explain in a more simple manner. Can you tell me what your name is please?”
“Im Professor Noah Tall*”

“Ok then your real name is….Noah Tall*, unless that is you want to be known as Mickey Mouse or Fred Squirrel or something”
“Oh I see! oh well thats stupid why doesnt it just ask me what my name is?”
“Thank you for calling”

*(name changed to protect the stupid)